The World’s Busiest Ports

The marine domain has increased immensely in the past few decades, making it a necessity for port and harbor facilities to accommodate these ever-increasing requirements.
This is exactly the reason why shipping authorities in every nation are ensuring that their shipping ports are capable of supplying the needs of the industry operators and drivers.
However, even while each nation targets on improving its port infrastructure, there are a few global leaders with marine ports; bigger and busier than the others.

Top 5 busiest ports in the world

1.) Singapore Port
The world’s busiest transshipment port, the Singapore has been instrumental in helping to re- shape the Singaporean economic system. About 30 million twenty feet equivalent units (TEUs) were handled by the port.

2.) Shanghai Port
The Shanghai port forms a very usable maritime porting channel for the River Yangtze and East China Sea. The construction and development of this port has been acclaimed to be the crucial factor in the development of Shanghai City.

3.) Hong Kong Port
Hong Kong port is the third on this list. Serving the South China Sea is the pivotal factor in the advancement of the Hong Kong province.

4.) Shenzhen Port
The Shenzhen port is the home-base of over 35 shipping companies, together for around 130 international container routes. The port is regarded as the second most engaged shipping ports in China, especially in the Southern part of the Chinese mainland.

5.) Busan Port
The Busan port is the largest port in South Korea, located in the city of Busan, the second largest city in the country. Its container handling touches figures over 13 million TEUs, making it a veritable challenger to its other Asian counterparts, in the years to come.

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