How ITRADER Helps Traders Invest in Stocks

Simply put, stocks are shares in the ownership of the company that own the stock. The stocks function is to represent ownership of part of a company’s assets and earnings. The more stocks you acquire, the greater your ownership in the company stake will be.

ITRADER is aware that each trader has their own preference when it comes to stocks. There are those who prefer to focus on a single stock while there are those who choose to have more than one stock. Regardless of the preference, ITRADER has ensured that its platform will serve to its fullest capacity and offer traders a wide variety of stocks for them to choose from.

Contract for Differences or CFD is offered to traders who choose to have more than a single stock. This type of contract is settled through cash payment and is regarded as the easier method of settlement due to both the gains and losses being paid in cash.

ITRADER has also provided both common and preferred stocks to choose from, the former provides its holder a position and the opportunity to make a vote in the company and at the same time receives dividends. The latter does not provide the right to vote but generally has a higher return of the stock’s earnings.

Through these options, traders are given help in investing stocks with ITRADER and a myriad of stocks to choose from.